A Little Lipstick Never Hurts

Next in the make-up collection confessional is my lipstick collection. Saying I love lipstick is an understatement. If I'm feeling down or a little low in the self-esteem department a quick swipe of lipstick and I can take on the world. So put on some red lipstick and live a little. And just for some … Continue reading A Little Lipstick Never Hurts

ITWBN: First Birthday Party

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Into the West Bloggers Network's (ITWBN) first birthday party, and what a party it was. I was lucky enough to be at the very first meet up all that time ago, you can read about it here, and I could not believe how … Continue reading ITWBN: First Birthday Party

Fanny Crown, The Queen of 60s Style

What pops into your head when you think of the 60s. For me peace, love, music and the mini skirt all come to mind. Now as many of you know I am vintage obsessed! And in my mind one of the most revolutionary items in fashion was the mini. Not only did women no longer … Continue reading Fanny Crown, The Queen of 60s Style

Review: No 7 products

A couple of weeks ago Boots were running a promotion with No 7 and it was something I had to get in on. The blogging world was all a flutter with talk of what was in the beautiful gift box that you received when you bought two No7 products. So off I went to my … Continue reading Review: No 7 products