A Little Lipstick Never Hurts

Next in the make-up collection confessional is my lipstick collection. Saying I love lipstick is an understatement. If I'm feeling down or a little low in the self-esteem department a quick swipe of lipstick and I can take on the world. So put on some red lipstick and live a little. And just for some… Continue reading A Little Lipstick Never Hurts


My Nail Varnish Obsession

Hi, I'm Babs and I am a beautyholic. They say the first step on the road to recovery is acceptance but I accepted this fact a long time ago and it hasn't helped in any way. Not that it's a big problem really, unless you count it being a problem for my bank account. Anyway… Continue reading My Nail Varnish Obsession

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Review: Max Factor False Lash Effect 24 Hour Mascara

I have become quite a fan of Max Factor. I was a little late to the party when it came to trying their products but I have been pretty happy with the ones I have tried. So you can imagine my delight when I received a box of Max Factor goodies through a special offer… Continue reading Review: Max Factor False Lash Effect 24 Hour Mascara