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My Favourite Podcasts

Podcast 1 EditedConfession time…I LOVE true crime podcasts. Yes it may seem dark but I am fascinated by the debauched, evil and seedy underbelly of the human race. And in my head I get to pretend to be a detective which I am convinced I would be amazing at. It’ll come as no surprise that I also love old P.I. movies and “whodunnit’s”. So without further ado, here are my current favourite true crime podcasts.

S-Town: The follow up show to the cult favourite Serial, S-town goes down a slightly different path. Reporter Brian Reed, heads to a small town in Alabama at the request of John B McLemore, a man who hates “S-Town”. John is convinced that the son of a wealthy family has committed a murder and it’s being covered up. But when someone else turns up dead, the search for the truth unearths a nasty feud, a hunt for buried treasure and the intricacies of the life of a mysteries man.

I loved this seven part series, it’s wonderfully narrated and I was left wanting more at the end of the each episode. The editing can be a bit sloppy at times but this shouldn’t put you off, you’ll be so engrossed that you might not even notice. John B McLemore is an interesting character and one that definitely deserves to be explored.

Generation Why: This is the podcast that I am listening to at the moment. Friends, Aaron and Justin discuss theories and their personal opinions on various cold cases (one case per episode). They cover everything from murders, controversies, mysteries and conspiracy theories.

I like this particular podcast because it covers cases and subjects that I have never heard of before. From the Night Stalker in the US to the A6 Murder in the UK, the presenters lay out the facts, give their two cents but ultimately let you make your own decision.

In The Dark: Only one season in (Season two is in production as I type), In The Dark discusses how law enforcement mishandled one of the most notorious child abductions in the US. For 27 years, the investigation into the abduction of Jacob Wetterling in rural Minnesota was at a stand still. The failures of this investigation led to the “stranger danger” movement and the establishment of the country’s sex-offender registries.

After listening to this podcast it raised questions about crime-solving effectiveness and accountability. Does the punishment always fit the crime? And what about rehabilitation?

And I don’t just listen to true crime…

At Home With…: Two of my favourite online influencers, Lily Pebbles and Anna Gardner have released their first ever podcast, At Home With…

At the moment only two episodes have been released and they already have me hooked. Each week, Anna and Lily interview someone they admire in their own home. The girls rifle through their interviewee’s wardrobe, look through their fridge and invade their personal space  to shed some light on their fascinating lives.

If you’re as nosey as I am go check this one out.

So there you have it, my favourites at the moment. I’m always looking for some new things to listen to so please leave me your suggestions in the comments.


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