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ITWBN: First Birthday Party

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Into the West Bloggers Network‘s (ITWBN) first birthday party, and what a party it was.

I was lucky enough to be at the very first meet up all that time ago, you can read about it here, and I could not believe how much this lovely little network had grown. This event was organised by the lovely Sinead Carroll of Yummy Mummy and Saibh Egan of The girls did a fantastic job.

Arriving at The G Hotel we were given our tables, encouraged to mingle and wander around the many stalls that had set up to show us their new products etc. We were lucky to be able to check out Cotton Face Vintage, The Bodyshop, Debenhams, No. 7, Amber Galway, and Insight Haircare.

Just some of the wonderful items on display. Photos c/o
Just some of the wonderful items on display.
Photos c/o

The room was just beautiful, as I was expecting it to be. The G Hotel is gorgeous at the best of times but filled with balloons, goodies and very very stylish bloggers just gave it that extra oomph.

On the way to my table I grabbed a quick and free glass of bubbles and went in search of my table. I was sitting with a great group of bloggers and had the pleasure of sitting between the lovely Eimear from The Two Darlings and equally lovely Tara from Tara Ryan’s Personal Blog.

Photo c/o
Myself and the lovely Eimear Photo c/o

On our chairs were the eagerly anticipated goodie bags with our name tags. Inside these bags we were greeted with so many goodies that they deserve a blog post all their own. And I promise they will get it.

A sneak peek at some of the wonderful goodies. Photo c/o
A sneak peek at some of the wonderful goodies.
Photo c/o

The event started with the manager of the G Hotel giving a little welcome speech. She was absolutely lovely and made us feel so welcome. Saibh and Siobhan said a few words and thanked us all for coming, they then welcomed Sinead Burke from Minnie Mélange. She was fantastic! I love her blog and was so excited to hear her speak and she did not disappoint. Not only is Sinead an exceptional blogger she is also studying a PHD and and is hilarious to boot. She gave some great advice including what you put out there on the internet will stay with you always so be careful what you choose to do and also think ahead, do not do something just for the sake of it but something that will stand to you for your future self.

The picture is terrible but here is the wonderful Sinead Burke.  Photo c/o
The picture is terrible but here is the wonderful Sinead Burke.
Photo c/o

Next up was Dee from Castle Print in Galway. As the main sponsors of the ITWBN  event they offer a wide range of printing services. Dee talked to us about how important branding was, especially for your blog and your business. Taglines and logos are super important and really deserve putting some real thought into. I clearly have a lot to work on!

Then there was a little break where we were presented with some delicious food. That lasted just long enough for me to take some pictures before I inhaled the deliciousness.
All I can say is yum! Photos c/o
All I can say is yum!
Photos c/o

After the intermission we were then greeted by Wayne Denner who gave a great speech about safety on the internet. He really made me think twice about what I post on Facebook or Twitter, even though you may delete something from it its still out there. It’s vital that you ensure your own safety on social media and be careful what you post as it can and will be held against you. Just remember something as simple as a sarcastic or idiotic tweet can be found with a quick google search by a future employer.

Finally we heard from Karen from Karora Cosmetics. She really blew me away. She is has accomplished so much in such a short space of time and it just goes to show what hard work can do.

All mingled out and with a long drive home ahead i didn’t get to stay for the after party but a great day was had and I can’t wait to start writing up reviews of the wonderful products we were lucky enough to receive.

The ITWBN, really is a great group of bloggers. They are both inspiring and supportive and if you have a blog or are even thinking about starting a blog, I would suggest you check these lovely people out.

The brilliant speakers with the wonderful organisers. Photo c/o
The brilliant speakers with the wonderful organisers.
Photo c/o

3 thoughts on “ITWBN: First Birthday Party

  1. I just started a blog in order to stay sane in the upcoming year of living abroad in Galway, and its awesome to find out there’s an entire community of bloggers in there. I’m not sure if I’d be entirely qualified as I’m so new to all this, but I’ll definitely be looking for events while I’m in the country!

    1. Hi Katelyn, you are more than welcome to join the network. There is no qualifications needed, and new bloggers are always welcome whether they have been blogging for years or just a matter of days. Check out the FB page ( and if you have any questions about the network please let me know or just pop a comment on the page.
      I hope you enjoy your year living in Galway it really is such a beautiful city.

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