The Obligatory 50 Shades of Grey Post

Photo c/o rickhiggins.org
Photo c/o rickhiggins.org

So everyone and their mother has been to see 50 Shades of Grey and even though i’m sure you are sick of reading about it, I’m going to throw in my two cents. So here’s what I thought.

Why is Ana’s housemate so old. They are meant to be best friends and in college together but Kate looks like she has a good 10 years on her. Unless she parties pretty hard which has nothing to so with the plot than there is no reason for to look so haggard.

Now don’t get me wrong I didn’t like the book, see my review here, but in the film I ask myself where is all the so called kinky sex everyone has been complaining about. He ties her up and spanks her a little big deal. Even the red room of pain isn’t what I had imagined when I read the books. Not sure if this says more about my imagination of the movie but still, it was missing the shock factor.

There is very little chemistry between the two main characters. Ana, played by Dakota Johnson came across as a shy, somewhat naive girl just like she was in the book. While Dakota played the her well I find myself cringing at this character just like I did in the book. She trembles when he so much as looks at her, more like a school girl crush than a grown woman who is about to enter his red room of pain under her own free will.

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. What can I say about the beautiful Jamie Dornan. Yes he is incredibly handsome, even though I do prefer him with facial hair, but my god is his performance here wooden (awful pun only semi-intended). Christian Grey doesn’t even seem to be attracted to Ana never mind be so infatuated with her that he throws all of his rules out the window for her.

So in summary…disappointing book and disappointing film. I went into the cinema with low expectations and came out with an unchanged mind…in my opinion this franchise just isn’t worth the hype.


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