Review: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Hello lovely readers, yes it’s me again. I know there is a long gap between posts lately but thanks for bearing with me. And boy will it be worth it, this post is a doozy.

Recently I was lucky enough to win a Sally Hansen hamper from the lovely Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits (if you haven’t checked out her blog, what have you been reading! Check her out, once you have finished reading this post of course.) Anyway the hamper included lots of goodies and I was so excited to try them out!

Photo c/o BabsScribbles
Photo c/o BabsScribbles

I received two fake tans (a lotion and spray on one. Not going to review these here as we all know how great they are. If you want me to do a separate review these fake tans leave a comment below), a Nail Rehab varnish, an Insta-Dry Top Coat, nine Miracle Gel colours and the Miracle Gel Top Coat.

I have used the Nail Rehab varnish which is excellent to use in-between colours. It nourishes and strengthens the nail, which as someone with incredibly weak and brittle nails is fantastic. It also give a slight milky pink colour to the nails, just a wash of colour and shine between home manicures. It can also be used as an undercoat without it affecting the top colour.

The first colour I tried out was 120 Bare Dare. It’s a lovely nude colour which is perfect for the work place. Now I did forget to use the topcoat with this so the colour only lasted as long as normal nail varnish but it still had good longevity and was opaque after two coats.

Photo c/o BabsScribbles
Photo c/o BabsScribbles

I did use the top coat with 510 Game of Chromes which I wore to a family wedding on Valentines weekend. The top coat seals in the colour and allows natural light to do the same job as the ultraviolet light does when you get gel nails done at a salon. It creates a flawless finish and stops the polish from chipping.

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of Game of Chromes on my nails (The day was a bit hectic as you can imagine) but believe me it was beautiful. It is a lovely shimmery metallic chrome colour that goes with pretty much any outfit for any occasion. It was perfect when I removed it a week later (only to try out another colour, I’m like a magpie, I just can’t decide which one I like best.) Miracle Gel lasts up to 14 days but it is also easy to remove with normal nail varnish remover. No tin foil needed for home removal with this one girls.

The colour I’m wearing at the moment is 480 Wine Stock. It a lovely deep red shade so on trend at the moment and perfect for the in-between season we have at the moment.

Photo c/o BabsScribbles
Photo c/o BabsScribbles

All in all I’m impressed with this collection. The colours are lovely and vibrant and the topcoat really does prolong the life of the varnish. Sally Hansen doesn’t seem to have put a foot wrong with this collection and I look forward to trying the rest of the colours over the coming months.

Have you tried the new Miracle Gel collection? Which is your favourite colour?


2 thoughts on “Review: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

  1. i have used these nail varnishes although the colours are fab they have made my nails yellow this also happened my mam and friend so I won’t be using them again 😔

    1. I’m really sorry to hear that PolkaAndBelle. I’ve not had that reaction but everyone’s nails are different. You are right to stop using them if they are having a negative effect on your nails. Hope you get them back to good health soon.

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