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#ForeverAlone and Loving it!

Fair warning, this post is going to turn into a rant! So if you don’t want to hear it then look away now (I have lots of other posts that aren’t as angry as this once, please feel free to browse through them).

So it all started on Saturday night when I was out for a few social drinks with my housemate. All was going great and we were having a good time until IT happened. I did a very stupid thing and innocently chatted to an acquaintance of my housemates while she was in the bathroom. After a few minutes I said my “see you laters” and hit the dance floor with my friend. All was well.

Or so I thought. Apparently this acquaintance had taken a liking to me and wanted to talk to me at the end of the club. Now I was in no way interested and feeling bad that I had unintentionally led him on, I tried to let him down gently. Then the torrent began. He was a little older than me, being 38 to my 23, but he was certainly not any more mature.

After I told him I was not interesting in being anything more than friends (I know guys, the dreaded friend zone) he launched into a rant telling me the reasons why I am still single! Yes, you read that right readers. This man who I had just met felt he had the right to tell me why I was “still” single. The fact that he was also single didn’t seem to enter his head. While I was a little shocked at his reaction to say the least, it did make me think.

Why is it so wrong to be single at any age? And who gives anyone, never mind a complete stranger, the right to judge my life choices and my relationship status. Just so you all know, he maintains that I pick the wrong types of guys and when I realise that I need an older man with money to take care of me I’ll ring him. Yes I’m serious! Even though he was telling me all my supposed faults and failings in the middle of the street he still held out hope that I was going to have an epiphany there and then and give him a chance.

Photo c/o someecards.com
Photo c/o someecards.com

Well dear readers, that took the biscuit. I lost control of myself there and then and told him exactly what I thought of his opinion. I am quite proud of myself that I didn’t point out the reason he was probably still single (anyone with that much of an ego wouldn’t listen anyway). I stuck with the tried, tested and true argument about societies standard for women to be in relationships whether they truely wanted to be or not. As I stalked off in a huff, I told him that I enjoyed being single and that I definitely would not be calling him.

While in hindsight I definitely could have handled the situation better, I am glad that I stood up for myself (and hopefully for every other single person out there who is feeling pressured into a relationship). This guy had the audacity to not only pretend to know me but tried to pressurise and chip away at my self esteem until I agreed to go out with him. In my opinion this tactic gives a glimpse into what a relationship with this particular man would have been like and I for one didn’t like the image.

Photo c/o someecards.com
Photo c/o someecards.com

So that’s it, rant over. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest readers. Have any of you been in a situation like this before? How did you handle it? I’d love to hear your take on this issue.

#ForeverAlone and loving it!



9 thoughts on “#ForeverAlone and Loving it!

  1. You did the right thing! And it’s really not good to be in a relationship if your reason is “to be just in a relationship”. I’m pretty sure you’re not closing your heart, you just haven’t really found the one. Hehe. That guy was annoying.

    1. Thanks Wax. He really was annoying and there is nothing I hate more than a bully. I’m sure the right one for me is out there hiding under a rock or something haha. Thanks for reading and commenting! x

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