Review: Pixy Strawberry Mousse Shower

Recently my kind and wonderful sister donated the Pixy Strawberry Shower Mousse to her little sister (moi!) And what a donation it was. Retailing at €12.95 for a 300ml jar this is gorgeous. It smells wonderful and there you get a lot of product for your moolah.

Photo c/o BabsScribbles
Photo c/o BabsScribbles

Included is a shower puff, at least I think that’s what they are called, you all know what I mean. So all you do is apply a small amount to the puff and massage it into the skin. Really you only need a little bit as it forms a rich lather when you apply it to wet skin. And also don’t do what I did which was put your very wet puff into the jar to get the product as it turns the mousse liquid. It still works as a very thick liquid but it is harder to take only a little bit of product.

Photo c/o BabsScribbles
Photo c/o BabsScribbles

The mousse contains vitamin E oil to protect and improve the skin and also jojoba oil to nourish your skin leaving it feeling silky soft and smooth. The strawberry fragrance is not too strong but boy does it smell delicious! I often have the urge to ask people to smell me when I use this product, but don’t worry I manage to stop myself.

The only negative thing I have to say about this product is the packaging. Don’t get me wrong it is beautiful but it’s made of glass. So what I hear you say, that’s the sign of a well made product. And I agree, nice, well made packaging adds to a product however it is not the most practical for a shower wash. It is too dangerous to leave in the shower or anywhere near a wet surface in case it falls or smashes. That said it hasn’t happened yet and I am well over half way through the jar.

All in all I think this is a great product and well worth the money for a little bit of daily luxury. One more big plus us that this is an Irish company. Pixy use natural ingredients to create their skincare beauty product range and really who doesn’t love using natural substances on their skin? The less chemicals the better in my book.

Photo c/o BabsScribbles
Photo c/o BabsScribbles



2 thoughts on “Review: Pixy Strawberry Mousse Shower

  1. Great Review, Just on your point of glass cannot go anywhere nearly the shower we have now changed to plastic. which is way better and there even more in the jar for the same price:)

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