Better late then never….What I got for Xmas (and my birthday)!

I have been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks now so I am going to dive right into it. Christmas as always is a crazy time spent with friends and family, but for me it is always a little bit extra special as my birthday falls on the 29th.

Now people always ask me, ‘With your birthday being at Christmas, do you get really good presents, or just lots of small, tacky ones?’ Well dear readers, let me show you what I got this year, and yes I was very spoilt.

Michael Kors Midsize Rose Gold, Stainless Camille Chronograph Glitz Link Watch

Some of you may remember this watch featured in my ‘All I Want For Xmas Is…’ post. I had been lusting after this for a long time and while my saving for it was going well, my family came up trumps, clubbed together and bought it for me. I love it, and them!

2014-01-02 13_Fotor1
Photo ℅ BabsScribbles

The watch measures in at 44mm, which is quite chunky but I like a heavy watch. The beautiful stainless steel link bracelet strap makes it feel like a bangle. The deployment buckle clasps mean that you can resize it yourself which is incredible handy. It has tonal time stops and is water resistant up to 5 atm (don’t know what that means but will not be finding out either!) The bling factor of this watch is outrageous but it carries it off. The stones look the same colour as the rose gold frame so even though it is covered in them, it doesn’t look tacky. This was my main christmas/birthday present and I couldn’t be happier.

Photo ℅ BabsScribbles
Photo ℅ BabsScribbles

Despicable Me 2 Talking Minion Dave

I had a running joke with my mother that I wanted a minion for christmas and that I would be very disappointed if there wasn’t one under the tree. Well rather than disappoint her youngest child (who turned 23 this past Christmas), my legend of a mother pulled out all the stops and not only bought me a minion but bought me one that talks. Now many people think that I am a child and completely immature for wanting this present but all of the neigh-sayers are quickly put in their place once Dave starts talking. He has everyone in stitches within seconds, so remember everyone, minions aren’t just for kids.

Photo ℅ BabsScribbles
Photo ℅ BabsScribbles

To hear Dave talk with numerous of your favourite expressions, simply press his front pocket and move his head back and forth. But my favourite has to be pressing his tongue. Once you do that he says that hilarious phrase ‘Banana’. He doesn’t quite sing the Banana Song but he certainly brings a smile to my face.

Boutique Luxury Hand Care Duo

I haven’t had a chance to use this yet, but the set includes a hand wash and a hand and nail cream, in wild fig and pink cedar. I love the bottles which each come with a little tassel attached and will upload a review once I get around to using them.

2014-01-02 13_Fotor3Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette 

Photo ℅ BabsScribbles
Photo ℅ BabsScribbles

I have been drooling over this palette for some time now and I was lucky enough that my wonderful sister picked it up for me while she was in New York. I adore the colours and they can be used for so many different looks. You can never go wrong with neutrals. They are incredibly pigmented and the brush that comes in the case is also fantastic. This collection has neutral colours ranging from pale to deep, matte to sparkly and all of them are just so darn sexy!

Photo ℅ BabsScribbles
Photo ℅ BabsScribbles

I of course received other bits and pieces including a super cute polka dot umbrella, a quirky home-made brooch and some moolah. I loved all my presents big and small and to answer the burning question posed earlier all these presents are jointly for my birthday and Christmas, but I really can’t complain. What a haul!

Photo ℅ BabsScribbles
Photo ℅ BabsScribbles

Last but not least…

I did however get one present that was just for my birthday. My mother decided to cook a wonderful family dinner for the occasion as we all couldn’t be together on Christmas day. I jokingly asked her to bring me a surprise when she was going grocery shopping. She returned with a gem….a blackboard and chalk. This will give me hours of enjoyment and is definitely one of my favourite birthday presents.

Photo ℅ BabsScribbles
Photo ℅ BabsScribbles

Reading back over this post I realise that yes, I am a child at heart but I love it! I hope you all had a great (and safe) festive season and are all after settling back into normality. Just so we can cling onto that Christmas spirit a little longer, what was your favourite Christmas present this year?


2 thoughts on “Better late then never….What I got for Xmas (and my birthday)!

  1. 5 ATM means it’s water resistant up to 50 metres – it can take showers or putting your hands into a sink (still wouldn’t advise it) – not suitable for swimming etc 😛 I know things now 😛 x

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