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Family Ties

Some of our Kingston Clan
Some of our Kingston Clan

I recently attended the Kingston Gathering and with all my relatives from far flung corners of the world in one room, it got me thinking about family.

Blood is thicker than water and this is incredibly true in Dunmanway where family ties are extremely strong. From mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters to seventh cousins twice removed your family will always be there for you and that is never more true than those of Doheny heritage.

Dunmanway is a very tight knit community that looks out for each other. The proof of this can be seen in the support that is shown for any event that takes place in the town be it for charity or for local clubs.

The gathering is not only a celebration of Ireland and its people but also a celebration of family. Lots of families have been reunited throughout the year and many are meeting for the first time.

The Kingston’s weren’t the only families to have gatherings in the Dunmanway area. The MacCarthys of Cork met for a cultural weekend in May and I am sure there has been many more and more to come that have not been registered on the official website.

Events like this not only bring business to Dunmanway but also bring families together which is getting more and more important as an increased number of people are leaving the town in search for work or greener pastures.

At times like this the family unit becomes incredibly important because they are the people that you can fall back on when things go wrong or when you are just homesick for Mammy’s cooking.

So this article is calling out to all you Dohenys out there whether in Ireland or further afield to get in touch with you family at home in Dunmanway because even though it may not be said enough you are missed.

If you are so inclined get in touch with me on and tell me your family stories of home or your experiences at a gathering.

Keep in touch!

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4 thoughts on “Family Ties

    1. I’m not sure if we are the same Kingston but we managed to trace our family back to a village in England. I’ve just migrated to waterford myself, the Kingston’s are invading haha

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