Couch to 5k: Week 2 Again

running-funny-picturesWell guys I’ve finished week 2 and I genuinely found it difficult but do-able. The usual five minute warm up is followed by running sessions of 90 seconds and a 2 minute recovery time.

The prolonged running times can be a bit of a shock to the system at first but to be honest even though it’s hard it can be done.

This week of running comes with tips for a better running experience including how to breath and how you’re foot should fall to minimise injury. While these tips are great and no one wants to get injured the breathing one is useless to me. I breath when I need to breath (and that is quiet hard and fast when running).

I am a little dubious about starting week 3 and whether I will be able to do it but I’ll give it a go. However I will not be trying it in the coming week as I am starting a new job, in a new city and have yet to find a house.

So there will be no update for the next week but I will be back on track once I’m sorted and the updates will be back asap. So that’s all from me for now. How’s your running going?


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