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Summer to the Max

Ok so it has finally happened, Ireland is having a summer! Yes the yellow ball of fire has become a regular in our clear blue skies and everyone is taking advantage of our beautiful beaches and countryside.

If like me however you are not a sun worshipper, keep in mind I am not complaining, it can be hard to protect your skin while trying to have fun in the sun. I have typical white  pasty Irish skin that I try and protect best I can with factor 50 but this is not a post about the best sunscreens (although I may do one of those soon).

This post is about what to wear to those out of door summer occasions be it a BBQ, picnic or just a casual get together.It may be tempting to wear shorts or mini skirts but it can also be dangerous if you are prone to burning as many Irish people are. So this is how I’m keeping cool and looking great this summer.

I find you can’t go wrong with a maxi dress. They are everywhere this summer and can be dressed up or down for every occasion. My favourite maxi is by Apricot from New Look. It is quite low cut which is fine for a dressier event but to dress it down I wear a black lace backed tank top underneath. It covers the bust area making it more appropriate for casual gatherings and the lace back gives more detail to the dress. The dress is black with floral designs along the bottom, waist band and bust area bringing the winter base colour into the summer.

As the dress is long it is easy to wear neutral or black coloured gladiator sandals and I like to complete the comfy look with a yellow heart shaped necklace to bring a bit of fun to the outfit.

2013-07-07 23_Fotor5_Fotor_Collage


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