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Nail Art #1

For as long as I remember I have always loved having my nails painted. That said I was always somewhat of a Plain Jane when it came to actually painting them. One colour on all nails was fine by me but I did get bored with the colour quite easily.

Recently all over the internet people have been posting gorgeous photos of their nails painted with all sorts of cool designs so I thought it was about time that I gave it a go.

I started with a base coat of gold. I love gold and find that it goes with most outfits so thought that it would be quite a good choice as my mainly neutral colours were too clear for my experiment. I went with my favourite Gold Nail Polish by H&M.

Base coat - Gold Nail Polish by H&M
Base coat – Gold Nail Polish by H&M

Now I thought polka dots would be a nice simple way to ease myself into nail art, the only problem was that I couldn’t decide on the colour. So in true indecisive style I used two colours. The first was Purple Pulse from the range of I ❤ Lasting Finish by Rimmel. The second colour I chose was also by Rimmel from the 60 Seconds range in Sky High. To create the polka dots a used end of a hair pin before using a clear top coat finish off the look.

Photo on 02-07-2013 at 22_Fotor_Collage
Purple Pulse (left) and Sky High (right) by Rimmel

I will definitely be trying out a few more designs throughout the summer and I’ll be keeping you all updated. If you are a fan of nail art I would love to here from you.


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