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New Business: Fairy Essence Sprays

Orela Kingston pictured here with her Fairy Essence Sprays - photo thanks to Kennedy Connolly
Orela Kingston pictured here with her Fairy Essence Sprays – photo thanks to Kennedy Connolly

A new business venture has been launched in Dunmanway on Thursday 20 June.

20 Fairy Essence sprays were launched in For Goodness Sake Health Shop, Dunmanway by Orela Kingston.

Fairy Essences are created by Orela to help the user cope with the stresses of daily life.

The sprays are individually made using elemental energy, organic essential oils and spring water to clear, balance, calm and invigorate.

They are based on unique channeled symbols and are absorbed though each level of the aura, balancing where necessary, as they move into the body.

Orela is a Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and Kinesiologist from Dunmanway who has developed her spirituality and connection to the elemental energy in Ireland.

She has developed this product and new West Cork business by following her intuition and relying on her studies both in Ireland and China.

Mairéad from Caring Hands Therapies in Skibbereen says that ‘She [Orela] has used these sprays during treatments and they really help when you are in a pressurised situation.’

Orela believes that she has created a product that has the potential to help people around the world and hopes the launch of her business Fairy Essences will make people aware of this brand new product.

Fairy Essence Sprays are available from selected stockists and online at www.fairyessences.com.

(Original text was published in The Southern Star on 3 July 2013 http://www.southernstar.ie/Community/Dunmanway/New-business-venture-in-Dunmanway-03072013.htm)


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