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Is school really the best time of your life?

MICC Dunmanway
MICC Dunmanway

THE sun is shining and the temperature is soaring and this can only mean one thing, exams.

Yes it’s that time of year again, when the poor leaving and junior certificate students trudge into school fretting and worrying about that last bit of cramming.

While the rest of the town is jokingly thanking every student they walk by for the lovely weather I would like to take this time to wish them the best of luck and to remind them to just do their best.

This may also be a good time to delve into the past and discover the excellent secondary education that Dunmanway has to offer.

The Daughters of Charity founded a girls secondary school in the town in 1936 in a vacant cottage. It took two years for the school to be recognised by the Department of Secondary Education and it wasn’t until the ’70s that boys were welcomed into the previously all girls school.

Dunmanway Vocational School (Coláiste Cháirbre) was opened in 1942 as a co-educational technical school. This school initially only prepared students for the Group Certificate Exam (Junior Cert).

These two schools were amalgamated in 2002 to give us the familiar school that we know today. It was established under the joint trusteeship of the Daughters of Charity and County Cork Vocational Educational Committee.

The new building was designed and constructed the the highest standard with the most modern equipment. All of this however is irrelevant when you think of what really makes a school a success.

It needs good teachers and students that want to learn. These are things that Dunmanway has in abundance.

We have all rolled our eyes in annoyance when told that school is the best years of our lives, but it really is. This is something that you don’t appreciate until you are older and realise that you can no longer get away with things that came second nature to you as a student.

These are memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life and become stories that you will tell you’re children and grandchildren.

Do you remember you’re favourite teacher and your partner in crime? What memories do you have of school?

Let me know your memories of school. Keep in touch!


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