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Onset of Final Year Blues

kcs_8a202501As I sit here, writing what will be my last article for this publication, I stare out the library window at my fellow carefree students soaking up the sun on the grass.

I envy these people, the majority of whom are not final year students with worries about the future that is speeding towards them.

In less than two months, many of us will be finished college forever, finally entering into the big bad world with little or no safety net.

Many will face the prospect of moving home to their parents due to the lack of job prospects, others will have to consider emigration due to unemployment and the lucky few will be beginning a career as a proper adult.

But has college fully equipped us for the world beyond campus. For some the answer will be yes and for the others it will be a bewildered look at the options available for them.

What have you learned from your college experience in the past four years?

How to live by yourself? Pay rent? Cook? Get by academically with as little effort as possible?Probably

But how many of you have learned how to write a coherent CV, conduct yourself during an interview and basic responsibility?

Well the time is now!

While finishing college is an accomplishment in itself, there is no manual to follow for the rest of your life, it is time to become what you most dread and have been avoiding since turning 18. A grown up.

College is like limbo for the living, your not quite an irresponsible teenager but not yet a fully responsible adult. So the time straight after college is terrifying.

Don’t spend the next couple of months blaming the government for making it nigh on impossible to get a job, stay in this country or figure out what you really want to do.

Instead take the plunge and say yes to every opportunity that is in your vicinity, be it an unpaid internship in your field, volunteering in a foreign country or simple working in the local shop.

Only those who refuse to try will find it hard to succeed.

Yes leaving college is scary but so are all life’s transitions. It wasn’t that long ago that you took your first nervous steps onto campus with no idea what would happen.

College is a time to reinvent yourself, become who you want to be but so is the time after college. You can take your experiences from the last four years and decide to apply them to your future or not but for once the decision is up to you.

So while I will be sad to bid farewell to UL I am happy in the knowledge that I have enjoyed my time here to the fullest academically and socially.

I have learned what college is all about and am looking forward, like many of you, to taking the plunge into adulthood and the adventures it brings.

(Text originally published in An Focal 23 April 2013




4 thoughts on “Onset of Final Year Blues

  1. I don’t know that college life necessarily ends after 4 years and I’m not so sure either that the transition from college onwards is as major as others in life. That’s not to say it’s easy but I would be keeping all options open to pursue further education, be it on a full or part-time basis. As a lifelong student and former lecturer, I think life would be incredibly difficult if formal education ended at the end of that 4 years in College after leaving school.
    Yes, grab every opportunity but I think it;s important, too, to be aware that one’s first job can play a huge role in dictating the direction you end up taking in life. So, it probably pays to be discerning about what you grab.

    The job scene was appalling when I left College in 1979 but doors will open ~ especially if you keep your eyes and ears open.

    Good luck and enjoy every minute!

    1. Thanks for the comment Jean. I agree that college education does not always end after four year and take my hat off to those that pursue further education on any basis. This was based on my experiences to date as a final year student.I am a firm believer that you learn something new everyday be it in formal education or in every day life.

      Thanks for reading and well done on Social Bridge, it’s always an interesting read.

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