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Let’s hear it for the Singletons

keep-calm-i-m-singleWe singletons are often seen as lonely and pathetic by our committed counterparts but it is time that we let our secret out.

Being single is fantastic!

The single life has benefits that are a distant memory to those in relationships so stop being depressed and step away from that tub of ice-cream as you are reminded why you are single and ready to mingle.

Guys, how many times have you been in the bad books because the lady in your life was livid for reasons you still don’t understand?

Why should you cut down on your gaming time just to give your other half the attention that they crave not need.

Relish not being the target of mood swings and reasoning beyond your comprehension. When you wake up on the couch, you know it’s because you chose to pass out there not because you gave her the wrong compliment.

Girls, being single means you have no need to massage any egos or come second to an x-box, playstation or any other gadget. There is no need to make your man feel macho by playing the damsel in distress and asking him to open every jar in the house because he is ‘just so strong’.

Being single forces you to do things for yourself, like cook, do laundry and tidy up your place. Being skilled at these simple tasks make you a more complete, well-rounded and less needy person.

This forced independence will also make you a magnet for those relationship chasers just make sure not to get caught if you value your freedom.

A night out with the lads is always better without girlfriends attached and vice-versa. Some harmless flirting or a night of naughty fun can only be accomplished without another half in existence.

You won’t have to deal with any relationship drama. When you are in a relationship, you always want it to keep it intact. To achieve that you have to take care or your partner’s emotions rather than your own. If that consideration isn’t reciprocated than it can cause problems.

When you are single it isn’t seen as selfish if you put yourself first once in a while.

Singletons may occasionally feel like you have too much time on your hands, but you can fill that time any way that you want.

Want to harden your body at the gym? Learn a new instrument? Learn how to bake? How about watch the Sex and the City movies for the 11th time? Who’s stopping you?

Having endless options when it comes to activities and not having to compromise means that singletons are less likely to become stuck in a rut and more likely to live life to the full.

(Text originally published in An Focal on 5 March 2013)



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