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How To Rehydrate Your Skin This January

skincareWinter has ended, the christmas decorations have been returned to the attic for another year and new years resolutions are still going strong, right?

Winter can be a hard time for your skin as the dry and cold weather affects the moisture level in your skin.

To get your skin feeling better after a long cold season you can bounce back with a few simple routines.

With the changing of the season there should also be changing of soap and moisturiser.

During the winter, your skin needed something that helped retain or add moisture but it’s time to invest in new products for the warmer (it will get warmer eventually) spring weather.

Since washing hands can be drying, use a moisturising, oil or cream-based bar soap. Also use a hand cream after every wash to promote hydration.

Look for moisturisers containing natural humectants, ingredients that promote the retention of water in the skin. Hyaluronic acid, honey, and royal jelly are popularly used in skincare, as they not only hydrate but also attract moisture from the air and form a protective barrier so water can’t escape.

Increase your SPF! Don’t be fooled by cloudy weather the suns rays can still get through all that rain and damage your skin. Choose a moisturiser or makeup with SPF protection to make it easy to add it to your routine.

To refresh from the winter, regularly exfoliate to peel away at the top layers of derma and create an environment for them to regenerate. Your body will not only create new, healthy skin but it can also reduce the look of aging.

Look for hydrating body cremes that draw on plant-based oils such as avocado oil, primrose oil, sesame oil, borage oil, or almond oil. These therapeutic oils are comprised of lighter, smaller molecules that sink into skin and hydrate longer than mineral oils.

Hydrate from within by drinking water throughout the day. Drinking water helps keep the body’s digestive system functioning properly, expelling toxins, which can help keep skin looking clear and glowing. Slice up a grapefruit or orange, to put in the water. A fruit-infused water will add some extra flavor as well as added nutrients.

(Text originally published in An Focal XXI Issue 7 on 5th February 2013 and online


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