City Landlord offers free office space for start-up company

Limerick businessman Gerry O’Mahony of O’Mahony Insurances, is offering a free office space within his business in Castletroy.

He is offering a full service office to any Limerick entrepreneur who is looking to develop their business.

“We will provide computer access and support as well as a live office environment.”

The opportunity will be given on a lease of between three and nine months but can be negotiated.

The office space is completely free of charge and includes computer services, telephone, fax, photocopying and canteen facilities.

Mr O’Mahony will also offer advice when he can.

“The staff here have different areas of expertise and if we can, we will be happy to help with advice in any way we can. At the very least we can act as a sounding board.”

The company is located in the Financial Services Centre, Castletroy.

(Text originally published in the Limerick Voice Vol V, Issue I 7 December 2012 http://limerickvoice.com/index.php/city-landlord-offers-free-office-space-for-start-up-company/)


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