Marriage is marriage and love is love

In recent weeks a certain amount of attention has been paid to the subject of ‘gay marriage’.

However nobody is campaigning to create a separate definition for marriage before the law.

This would beg the conclusion that the correct terminology for the struggle the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community is currently facing would be to use ‘marriage equality’ as this is far more accurate.

Compartmentalism of this kind helps fuel the inequalities that the LGBT community face on a daily basis.

They are not any more or less special than any other persecuted minority out there and they don’t expect special treatment, simply equal treatment.

I had dinner today; it wasn’t a ‘gay dinner’. I also went for a walk today and it most certainly wasn’t a ‘gay walk’. Why then should a same sex marriage be categorised separately as a ‘Gay Marriage’?

Marriage is marriage and love is love. It cannot be outlined in a more simple way than that.

Senior Alliance Party members are to vote next month on whether to adopt a new policy in favour of legalising gay marriage in Northern Ireland.

The party’s ruling council will debate a motion which proposes to back same-sex marriage, as long as safeguards exist for churches opposed to it.

As the new policy would not force religious bodies to perform any ceremonies which they do not agree with why is it such a big issue?

In today’s society it is seen as almost primitive to be homophobic in any way especially among the younger generations and so it should be.

So if we as a people know that there is nothing wrong with being gay then why is it wrong for gay people to get married when it is seen as a basic human right in the straight community?

Alliance’s ruling council, which involves elected representatives, will be asked to vote on this issue on 1 September.

(Original text published on on 20 August 2012


3 thoughts on “Marriage is marriage and love is love

  1. Yeah, but Christians have a history of spinning it so it sounds like allowing equal marriage would violate their religious freedom, despite the fact that interracial marriage has been legal for decades here in the U.S. and yet, churches here can still (and do still) refuse to marry interracial couples.

    I am certain that if it’s a religious ceremony you’re after, there are a number of religious groups in Ireland that would be more than happy to marry gay couples. The O.T.O. has a local body in Ireland and would be more than happy to perform the rite of marriage for same sex couples (hell, we already do it here in the U.S., whether it’s legal or not).

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