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Clinically Toebese

The world of feet has always been divided into two camps: those who won’t allow theirs to be touched, looked at, or commented on in any way; and, those who seem to like them perhaps a little too much.

Well, here comes the grey area. Enter a third group of foot freaks: These people are either so self conscious about, or so obsessed with, their own feet that they’re actually getting plastic surgery to make them look better.

The new craze that is sweeping the USA and spreading quickly across the water is hard to get your head around. This fad involves a foot-lift which will tackle your toe-besity (yes that’s right, obese toes) and get your tootsies sling back ready.

A growing number of people are turning to podiatrists to reshape their lowermost appendages to make their toes thinner and more attractive. Now some people choose toe-besity surgery to treat real medical problems like hammertoe, these procedures are often necessary but getting them because you’re feet look fat in peep-toe shoes is ridiculous.

How can people be this obsessed over every detail of their feet, especially the width of their toes, is this an evolution of the foot fetish?

As with every surgery there are risks and when getting a foot lift there may be complications involving anaesthesia, infection and deformity. After all getting the procedure performed is “trauma to the foot.”

The cost of this cosmetic procedure can range up to €16,000 per foot while a good pair of shoes that fit right can cost as little as €50. In today’s economy surely there are better things to spend this money on rather then improving perfectly good feet even if they are a little plump. This below-the-boot surgery is expensive (not to mention, not covered by insurance) and just as dangerous as any cosmetic procedure. So, all I can say is: Why?

I respect anyone’s choice to get cosmetic surgery, but going under the knife just to make your toes look sexy seems a bit excessive. Hand me a cute nail varnish and my toes will be ready for the catwalk of life but hand me a knife and I will be running in the opposite direction with all the other sane people.

(Text originally published in the College Times 31st July 2012


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