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Amy Winehouse: Legacy

Amy Winehouse has been a member of The Forever 27 Club for a year now and like the other members has not been forgotten.

Although she followed a self-destructive path for years before her untimely death it was still a shock to lose one of the most unique voices of the 21st century. Her powerful deep contralto vocals and eclectic mix of musical genres including R&B, soul and jazz placed her firmly at the front of the pack in terms of originality and catchy-ness.

The anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death passed recently.

In the short time that she was here, Amy’s tunes infiltrated the late 2000s and became timeless classics. Who can forget the summer of ‘Rehab’ when everyone who was anyone was singing ‘No no no’, or when we all begged Valerie to come on over.

Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning in July 2011 and like most tragic deaths it send her album sales through the roof. While it is unfortunate that peoples macabre fascination with the dead is one of the main reasons that talents like this are kept alive, her voice lives on, which is what she always wanted.

Amy suffered from mental health issues and addictions throughout her life and her lifestyle didn’t facilitate her recovery.

She may not have gotten the help that she needed but there are people and organisations that are there to talk to like Headsup.ie which is a mental health promotion project. For more information check out the website here.

The most fitting way to honour Amy is to not let the tragedy of her death or the slurs of “She got what she deserved” to spoil her true and raw talent.

Her fans may have lost their hero, but Winehouse’s legacy surpasses her musical genius. Her parents set up a foundation in her name, the Amy Winehouse Fountation, to help those affected by drug addiction so Amy could help others in ways that she could not help herself.

Amy Winehouses gave the world music when she was alive and in her death she gives people hope for a future.

HeadsUp is a mental health promotion project which aims to contribute to suicide prevention efforts by providing timely, appropriate information and support to young people. The project commences in 2005. It provides a wide range of initiatives aimed primarily at 15-24 year olds. However there are a number of secondary targets that includes community groups, fathers and workplaces. HeadsUp is always looking for young people to volunteer with us to help make the project better. HeadsUp currently has a youth panel of ten volunteers who help steer the project and ensure that it is appropriate to the target group.

(Original text published in Studenty_Cork on 28 July 2012 http://cork.studenty.me/2012/07/28/amy-winehouse-legacy/)


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