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Cheryl makes the career statement of the year

Cheryl Cole’s new album A Million Lights was on course to become number one in the charts but that was not what everyone in the music business was talking about. It’s the cover of her new album that’s on everyone’s mind. Cheryl has dropped her last name in the career statement of the year. Is this move is linked to female empowerment or is it a new media gimmick?

Cheryl has said that the ‘Cole’ just wouldn’t fit on the album and that it was an aesthetic choice to leave it off the cover, nothing more. However, the public does not seem to want to accept this very simple explanation. If this was female empowerment, then Cheryl should have dropped the ‘Cole ‘when she found out about her cheating ex-husband, footballer Ashley Cole.

This would have been the perfect time to assert her status as an independent woman. She decided to keep the ‘Cole’ then because it was a controversial decision that kept her in the spotlight but now by dropping the name she opens the gates for more gossip and rumours.

She may see the obvious dangers of fading into the background and is hoping that re-marketing herself along with an imminent reunion with her Girls Aloud bandmates for their tenth anniversary will yield the inevitable disappearance. Of course, there could be another reason she’s dumped her last name. It may be a last ditch bid to move on from her failed marriage and shake off any reminders of her ex-husband. She may just want to show the world that she has moved on with her life and the new name may be linked to her desire for a new life.

On the other hand, she may be trying to move herself into the ranks of those famous one name A-listers, alongside Madonna and Rihanna, to name only two. If this pays off she will know that she made it and can keep up with the big dogs in the music industry. Whatever the reason, she is defending the column inches that she so valiantly fought for over the years. She is the tabloid sweetheart and will not give up this title without a fight.

Whether this one name makeover will be successful in prolonging her career is yet to be seen but it has put her name to the fore for a few more days at least.

(Text originally published in on 27 June 2012


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