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Eurovision 2012: Do the Irish even care anymore?

The Eurovision has come and gone for another year without Ireland making much of an impact.

Ireland yet again lost the competition with Jedward belting their little hyper-active hearts out.

They gave an energetic performance as always but ironically the twins were out of sync for the majority of the song.

The question remains, is Ireland still proud of them?

They are the ‘artists’ that people love to hate but this doesn’t stop them earning millions and grabbing our attention on a daily basis.

Of course we were the ones who sent them to the song contest for the second time so really we can’t blame them for not bringing the honour home.

Do Irish people really even care about winning the Eurovision anymore? Of course we don’t!

Gone are the day when the entire family would crowd around the television criticising the other entrances and cheering whenIrelandtook to the stage.

However the winners, Sweden, take the competition very seriously.

I am currently studying in Stockholm and have seen first hand how popular the Eurovision is here. From the process of choosing the lucky contestant all the way to the event itself the Swedish people follow it with great interest.

They are incredibly proud of Loreen and many Eurovision parties and celebrations took place all over the country when she won the honour for her homeland.

Of course we seem to be proud of Loreen as well. She has shot to the top of the Irish singles chart with her entry ‘Euphoria’.

But where does that leave our loveable little puppies, Jedward?

‘Waterline’ has reached number seven in the charts and they are due to perform in many parts of Ireland this summer.

Proud may not be the word to describe the feeling Ireland holds for the cringe worthy duo but their career certainly isn’t slowing down and shows no signs of stopping.

Their legions of fans may all be young pre-pubescent children but there are hundreds of thousands of them supporting the brand that is Jedward.

You know you have really made it when Al-Qaeda plans to assassinate you as part of a string of high profile targets which is exactly what was has thought to have happened in Ireland.

Jedward were the first act to ever representIrelandin the Eurovision two years in a row.

While they may be embarrassing Jedward are here to stay for a while yet.

(Text originally published in 7 June 2012


2 thoughts on “Eurovision 2012: Do the Irish even care anymore?

  1. At least Ireland are a lot better than the UK and send something with a chance. Engelbert was terrible and we do badly every year so we don’t even care about who enters for us. Any old has been is viable now.

    I am jealous you are in a country that is into the contest. I was really looking forward to watching the show from another country, but the Netherlands are even less into it than we are. There are no Eurovision parties and no one even talks about it. This is understandable when they haven’t got through to the final since Eurovision started doing semi-finals. I was the only one watching along that evening even though I was at someone’s house with 5 other friends.

    Stockholm must have been amazing that night!

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