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I was surprised to find here in Stockholm a huge venue for concerts is Grona Lund Amusement Park. Even more surprising was the fact that all you need to but is an enterance ticket and you can attend the concert with no extra charge on a first come first serve basis.

Over the years Grona Lund has hosted many huge stars from Bob Marley to Elton John to Jimi Hendrix. To me this begs the question why? Names this big could play bigger venues to real fans rather then to kids who are hyped up on too much sugar and adreneline from the rides.

Last night LMFAO were playing, I along with two friends and copious amounts of alcohol secreted on our person braved the chill and rain to wiggle. We have calculated (probably inacurtely) that we stood in line for a total of FOUR hours through out our little adventure.

Eventually our persistence paid off and we were in! After making our way to the concert area and finding a good spot we waited for the concert to begin. While we waited we noticed the rest of the very young crowd. The average age of the crowd was 14 (bare in mind that the three of us were all over 20 years old). Pushing, shoving and general messing that the youth get up to when in an enclosed space in such numbers ensued and this is when we really began to show our age. We are all used to being at concerts and festivals but we never thought we would resort to complaining about the people that we used to be. I guess that just shows our age really.

Once the concert began I will admit it was really good. It was energetic and crowd friendly despite the fact that LMFAO did have to censor themselves due to the young age of their fans. The dancers were tireless and the outfits were bright and colourful as they are in the music videos. It was a good night and an experience that will be remembered. However I do not want to see a queue again.


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