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Living the Dream

There is no better feeling than fulfilling a dream that you have held for a long time and that is what I have managed to do in the last week. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to go and see the famous Aurora Borealis. I was always fascinated by the thought of seeing different coloured lights in the night sky which was completly natural. It was like magic and believe me I was not left disappointed.

I spent nearly eighteen hours on a train from Stockholm to Abisko. Abisko is a tiny town in the very north of Sweden with a population of 85 people. When I arrived it was very cold and reminded me of when I arrived in Stockholm for the first time nearly two months ago. The scenery was beautiful, my hostel was surrounded by mountains and a lake.


Everything on this trip was incredibly expensive as there isn’t exactly any competition for any of the shops or the companies that provide the many activities. Of course it can be done cheaply as hiking along the fantastic mountains and wilderness is well worth braving the cold. I would also recommend taking a sauna(often free in the hostel) and once it becomes unbareable to stay in there for another minute run into the snow and lie down in it. The sensation is something that you won’t forget and is an entertaining way to pass the time as you wait for the real goal of the trip.


I was really lucky on my trip as I saw  the lights on both of the nights that I was staying there. On my last night in Abisko the sky was amass with green lights moving across the sky and often tinges of pink/red would appear on the edges of the light. Running around in the snow in -20 degrees the cold was barely felt as the amazement of the magic that was happening around me took over all my senses. The only thing I regret about this amazing trip is the fact that my photos do not do the memory justice.



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