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Technology rocks Stockholm

One of the things that I have notices about Sweden and its people is that they love technology. Everything possible is electronic. I must admit I too love my gadgets. As a birthday gift my fantastic parents bought me a kindle so that I wouldn’t have to carry heavy books on my travels, my wonderful friends got me a Blackberry to keep in touch and help me be more professional in my field.

Everywhere I turn here in Stockholm be it walking along the street, on the public transport system or in college people are playing with or talking on their iphones. In Ireland having an iphone is a big deal, it is seen as somewhat of a status symbol especially within the student community.

I was advised by a Swedish friend to try an experiment while on the train home one day. Count how many people in the eight seats around you are playing with their iphones. I did that today and four out of eight people were using an iphone. This is a very common thing here, one local girl told me that it is often cheaper to have an iphone than to buy a credit phone. So listen up Ireland it is time to drag yourself kicking and screaming into the 21st century and take a leaf out of Sweden’s book. Iphones for all!


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