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Hollywood Heatthrobs

What is it about being a multi-millionaire a-list actor that makes them completely irresistible?

Is it their good looks, their talent, their money or the fact that they are in such high demand that makes them a Hollywood heart throb!

George Clooney was and always will be hot. From his time as an ER doctor to playing a land baron in The Descendants he is just drop dead gorgeous. The older he gets doesn’t seem to matter. The self pronounced bachelor has set many a girl’s heart aflutter. His smouldering look and classic good looks are just too much to resist. That’s because Clooney is the universal shorthand for star quality. He trails stardust in his wake, even in the least glamorous of situations.

However as time passes he gets more competition for the crown of Hollywood heart throb.

Johnny Depp is not only rocking the arty guise but he can make women melt with one look. The fact that he is in a committed relationship and a caring father just seems to make him all the more attractive. He is a versatile actor with a background in music which makes his rock star good looks all the more alluring. He made pirates sexy again and that is no easy task.

Brad Pitt has been a heart throb for what seems like an age and his career got a major boost when he left Americas girl next door Jennifer Aniston for Americas bad ass Angelina Jolie. Fans instantly took sides once Brangelina was born and as his look went from perfect husband to super dad his attractiveness level went to super hot.

Colin Farrell also known asHollywood’s bad boy is Ireland’s hottest export. His wild actions in his early days included partying into the early hours, getting numerous tattoos and heavy addictions to both drink and drugs. His image drove his fans wild and when the birth of his son changed him from bad ass to good dad his attractiveness skyrocketed

Logan Leerman is the new kid on the block, rivalling Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson in the hearts of tweens everywhere. He captured hearts playing cocky D’Artagnan in this year’s Three Musketeers movie. Tipped as ‘the one to watch’ Logan may not be the newest face in Hollywood with nineteen films under his belt but his star is quickly rising to a-list level.


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