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Jordan to release new magazine

KEEPING up with the world of news is about to get a lot harder for everyone and not just because newspaper sales are hurtling back to earth like the space shuttle Atlantis.

Sales fell in the first half of this year for all Irish daily and Sunday titles, according to the latest “islandofIreland” figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC).

This along with the phone hacking scandal that rocked the world of Rupert Murdoch and the journalistic circle to its core may now make it the worst time to enter into the world of journalism and publishing.

With this in mind Jordan’s new business venture seems doomed to failure on a larger scale than at first glance.

Jordan, real name Katie Price, is to take on the paparazzi that made her, with a new gossip magazine simply entitled ‘Katie: My Magazine’.

The 33-year-old mum of three already has her own reality TV show and regularly features on magazine covers. On top of all that she has written four autobiographies, released numerous scents, has a clothing line and will soon start up her own talent agency.

She is hoping that this new publication lunched on September 7 will allow her teenage fans to see a different side to her.

What side could they have possible missed with every aspect of her life already in the media? Journalists concentrate on plastic surgery and men when interviewing the popular glamour model but there is more to her then just boob jobs and bad relationships.

The magazine intends to answer the questions that Katie would ask if she were interviewing herself. Her features will include “my tattoos and what they mean”, “inside my bathroom cabinet” and “blinging your wardrobe Katie-style”.

Fans will be queuing up for this one. Those that couldn’t quite make it to the end of her numerous autobiographies will have the chance to learn everything ‘Katie’ in bite sized pieces.

Katie is the chief editor; writer and picture editor so her fans can be left in no doubt that this magazine is all her own work.

Being a tough business woman has never got in the way of her family life. She has even used one of her reality shows to highlight the problems that her disabled son Harvey endures on a daily basis.

She also raises awareness for Septo-optic dysplasia and autism in her spare time due toHarvey’s disabilities.

Family is important to her but this has not stopped her three children being thrust into the limelight on a daily basis. They are often pictured on family days out.

Being named ‘Celebrity Mum of the Year 2007’ doesn’t stop Katie’s parenting skills being criticised.

At the tender age of four her daughter Princess Tiaamii is tottering along in her high heeled shadow sometimes pictured in make up and false eyelashes.

Every little girl loves to play dress up with mammy’s make up so the natural look was never an option in this case.

This is just what the world needs to take its mind of the recession that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere but into more debt. If a wealthy glamour model like Jordan, can’t make an autobiographical magazine a success than no one can. Her experience with the media has taught her some hard lesson but she learned them well.

She knows how to sell things and she knows what people want. Joy of joy she has promised she has a “great tiny” outfit to wear for the launch. She has become nearly as famous for her fashion faux pas as she is for her entrepreneurial skills.

There is one thing for sure, whether this will compete with the established magazines of this genre in the overloaded shop shelves is yet to be seen but it has got the media world talking which is never a bad thing. All publicity is good publicity in this case.

Celebrities are talked about as par of course and Jordan is talked about maybe more than most. Why then, if her life is already covered so thoroughly in the media would people buy a magazine about her?

This article is the perfect example, love her or hate her everyone wants to read about Jordan.

(text published in Thomond Student Times 27 August 2011)


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