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Who needs happy pills when we have radio

It was recently reported that radio makes people happier than watching television or being on the internet. Is this really a big surprise? Video may have killed the radio star but it never killed people’s love affair with music. People listen to the radio everyday and most of them do not even know they are listening(let’s call it an intelligent guess on my part).

Radio has been thought to be a dying medium as tv and internet seem to be taking over the world, but it’s not quiet dead yet. It is rather like an extremely calculating evil villian who is waiting quietly in the corner, not disturbing anyone, just waiting, waiting for the right time to strike and world domination is inevitable.

How many of you drove to work today? And how many of you had the radio on as you drove? I know I did. I was not even paying attention to what was on but I still know that ‘The Word’ on REDFM (a local cork station) has still to be won, and that Imelda May was the number one song choice by listeners today.

Radio always seems to be lurking in the background like an unwanted perv in a nightclub, it is always there. Whether we like it or not some poor drunk girl will always go home with that unwanted perv, just like radio will always be part of our lives.

On the subject of radio making us happy, is anyone really surprised? Radio’s bread and butter it’s audience. Each station has its own demographic and cater for such. Everyone likes music of some sort and there is a station out there to suit everyones tatse. There are talk shows concentrating on politics, culture, books, history, current affairs, celebrity gossip etc. Once you find a station that suits your taste it rarely needs to be changed. The stations schedule and programmes change with their chosen demographic. They change so you don’t have to.


This is why it makes us happy. We don’t have to flick around looking what else is on it is basically done for us. So why you may be mocked by the youth of today for listening to the radio on a good old fashioned wireless rather then online, sit back and relax with your favourie station and enjoy being ‘retro’ while listening to your ‘vintage’ wireless.


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