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Baby on Board

I was recently talking to a friend of mine who is training to be a midwife. We were discussing her favourite subject, babies! She loves everything about them and is great with kids. She is the maternal type and has already thought about having children in the future even though she is only twenty. I am the polar opposite of her and there is one thing that I find strange, she does not believe in ugly babies! She thinks they are all beautiful in their own way (and she has seen some horrible things in the maternity ward) but I just don’t see it.

When we are born we are covered in blood and other goo only communicating through screaming and crying. That is not an attractive look at any age whether it can be helped or not. As babies grow up some become good looking some don’t that is the way of life. What strikes me however is that baby animals are always cute no matter what. Some women coo and fawn over babies others don’t but ever woman will awww over a baby animal.

So why is it our species that can be a bit hit and miss in the looks department or is just that our expectations are too high when judging others that may become competition to us in the world of education, work or love? Does it really matter? Do we really care? I think not so here is a cute video to watch and melt over. Enjoy!


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