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Robot Overlords

I am in my twenties and apparently I’m part of the technological generation. Well I wish someone would explain to me (in laymans terms) how it works!

Computers have been part of my life since I was a child and I have always been a a PC girl at heart. I thought I had a grasp on them. I could use the different programs, the internet and even became a dab hand at using social sites.

I then began working at a publishing house where I was forced to use a Mac. I instantly hated it, the applications are different, the layout is different and it is way more sesitive in every way for my clumsy outlook. The shortcut commands I so confidently abused on my PC also didnt work and I was completly thrown like a child being pushed out of a pram. I felt like a fool not being able to use a machine that I had grown up with.

As soon as I successfully completed my first assignment on that horrid machine I realised I was in love. That was what was wrong I have always been a synic when it comes to love I never really believed in it before but here I was sitting at my desk and I just knew.

I had fallen in love with this machine. It is actually alot easier to use than a PC once you get used to it.

This blog started out as me hating technology and don’t get me wrong I still do. I can’t use iphones or anything with a touch screen for that matter. I hate the fact that e-books are making an impact, that people read the paper on the internet and that my life along with everyone else’s revolves around facebook.

It is the way that the world works but I guess Im still in the mindset that computers may one day take over the world and enslave the human race! Will we be strong enough to fight back or roll over and call them master.


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