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Most controversial landing since the moon!

I switched the television on today to find the queen of England’s face staring back at me. With all the stories of suspected bombs and tightened security for the past few weeks I had completly forgotten about the reason behind it.

The first thing I noticed was that every channel that covered her arrival was commenting on her clothes and the meaning behind the colours and style. She was wearing an emerald green hat and long coat in the usual style that she has become famous for. Of course everyone was raving about the choice of colour and how it obviously represented her visit to the Emerald Isle. Underneath she was wearing a blue dress which is (as some people do not know) St. Patrick’s colour even tough he is more associated with the colour green Her Majesty had obviously done her homework.

She then went to Áras an Uachtaráin and was welcomed by President McAleese and her husband. She also got to plant a tree. All old people love gardening right?

After a quick costume change into a lovely cream ensemble, she visited the Garden of Remembrance. It was designed by Cavan-born architect Daithi Hanly, it is dedicated to the memory of all those who gave their lives in the cause of Irish Freedom. Here she lay a wreath for all those that died fighting against the people of her country and was followed by a minutes silence.

Then on to Trinity College which was founded in 1592 and is Ireland’s oldest university. She viewed the Book of Kells and met students and staff. She then enjoyed a private evening at Farmleigh House in the Phoenix Park.

Over the next couple of days she will do the usual tourist route of Ireland taking in the Guinness Brewery, Government Buildings,Irish War Memorial Garden, Croke Park, Dublin Castle, Irish National Stud, St Patrick’s Rock, The English Market, Tyndall Institute Cork and finally Cork airport where she will fly home from. She has a busy week ahead, I hope she brought her camera.

The main problem I can see with her visit is the fact that all these tourist attractions are closed due to her visit resulting in many other irrate tourists. I may be the only one to see this threat to the Queen as everyone else seems to be focusing on the threat of bombs and such. I think that an angry tourist with a guidebook in hand would be much more dangerous.


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