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The ICO Bring Us Enchanting Baroque

The March offering from the Irish Chamber Orchestra features a Baroque Gala with classics from the golden age. The baroque era has a unique, timeless style that continues to enchant millions of listeners today.

Matthew Halls an expert in this genre will be conducting the orchestra. He is one of the UK’s most thrilling young conductors and a talented keyboard player. He has conducted in prestigious venues including the Konzerthaus, Berlin and the Palais des Beaux Arts.

Award winning Nuria Rial, a moving soprano from Catalonia will be featured and is renowned for her Handel interpretations. She is a rising star in the industry, appearing as a soloist with a number of the leading ensembles and orchestras across Europe. Three of her recordings were awarded coveted prizes in 2009. Her stage presence makes her hugely popular with audiences.

Bach, Handel and Telemann greatly influenced this collection of classical music. Bach was a genius keyboardist and composer who brought baroque music to its peak, writing for every type of musical form.

Born in the same year, fifty miles away, Handel composed for every musical genre of his time, even creating  the English oratorio.

Their famed musician friend Telemann also had a vast output, ranging from operas and cantatas to concertos and intimate chamber works.

Included in the must see show will be Bach’s ever popular Wedding Cantata partners his brilliant Brandenburg Concerto NO. 5.

Handel’s final concerto from his Op. 6 set features with a seldom heard aria from Apollo e Dafne and two stunning arias by Telemann.

(text published in ‘An Focal’ 8 March 2011)


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