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Risky little white lies

A review I did on the film ‘Easy A’ back in November 2010:

We all know what it’s like to be at the wrong end of a rumour. scandal spreads like wildfire. Easy A is a movie which tells the story of a vindictive rumour mill that harbours more than one victim in its workforce.

Olive’s (Emma Stone) life starts to mirror that of Hester Prynne’s from ‘The Scarlet Letter’ after a little white lie about the loss of her virginity spirals out of control.  Her squeaky clean reputation gets a good tarnishing and soon she decides to extend her reputation rather than deny it. She creates an image  for herself as a “high-end stripper”, to use her parent’s words.

Amanda Bynes plays Marianne, a God fearing busy body fellow student who fans the flames of said rumours. this may sound shallow but I could not take my eyes off her obviously collagen filled face, to focus on her over the top acting.

The very handsome Penn Badgley plays Emma’s love interest, Woodchuck Toss. He is the perfect gentleman throughout the 92 minute movie and will have sent more than a few girls swooning.

Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci play Olive’s laugh-a-minute parents who will make you wish they were your parents. (Not that any of us would like to replace our benefactors.)

While Olive decided to use her new found fame to increase her popularity and financial situation, it all goes wrong and she is left trying to save face and find happiness. this may sound like the stereotypical latter half of a ‘rom-com’ but the gutsy way in which Olive goes about clearing her name will have you eating your words.

This is not the film I thought it was going to be. It is very funny while emitting a message that a lie will always come back to bite you. There is no such thing as a lie for a good cause.


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