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No one is above the law

A Limerick garda was alleged to have bought 10 grams of cocaine from a north inner-city drug dealer to share with a colleague. Now this story was kept pretty quiet, none of us had heard anything about it until the presentation which either reflects the lack of coverage or the lack of attention we as trainee journalist take of the news (I prefer to think it’s the former).

To me was just another example of a corrupt institution in this country but it has had further reprecutions. He has jeopardised several criminal trials, including some involving drug dealers because of his actions. Many criminals who should be taken off our streets are now going to walk away scot free because his reputation has been discredited by his association with drug dealers.

Senior officers are reviewing all cases the garda was involved in and will seek legal advice on whether any charges should be dropped as a result. A major internal investigation led by the Garda National Bureau of Criminal Investigations has begun due to this scandel.

The uniformed garda, who is in his 20s, was arrested last Monday night during a drugs raid. He was attached to a unit in the south city. He met a known dealer from the north inner city on Ormond Quay. He was stopped by officers allegedly in possession of 10 grams of cocaine, with a street value of €800.

The garda’s colleagues were also questioned and one admitted that some of the drug was for him. The garda and the dealer were arrested but released without charge. The garda was suspended from the force, along with his male colleague.

Detectives suspect that the garda may have been a habitual cocaine user and had bought the drug from the same dealer in the past. They also believe the dealer knew he was supplying cocaine to a garda.

The dealer may have benefited from the association with him and this will also be investigated. The fact that this is happening makes me lose the little faith I held in our policing system. People no longer respect the uniform and this is really a sad state of affairs. We now live in a country with no one to lead us and no one to protect us. No wonder people are emmigrating I really don’t blame them. I hope this gaurd gets treated like a normal citizen and he will realise that he is not above the law


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