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Is religion finally moving into the 21st century?

I never thought I’d see the day when someone in a place of power within a religious institution tried to change how it looks on the world but it has arrived. I am not a religious person in any means and I do not hold the beliefs of others against them but I never understood how many religions preach of peace yet don’t exactly live by the motto. I understand that there are certain rules to be followed and as is often the case the ones that sound the easiest to keep are often the hardest. Take for example the golden rule of treating others as you yourself would like to be treated. Now religious or not that is just a basic rule of life. Yet how many of us actually live like this? When not even the leaders of so called religious institutions can live like this how are we expected to follow by example?

An Anglican preacher, at the funeral of leading Ugandan gay rights activist David Kato, spoke out against the lifestyle and urged people to turn away from it.

 David Kato

The Archbishop of Canterbury stood up for the right to be gay this week when he disagreed with his colleague’s decision to demonise the lifestyle at the funeral. Archbishop Rowan Williams has warned against demonising gay people. The Archbishop was speaking at the end of a six-day meeting of two dozen leading Anglicans in the Catholic-run Eammaus retreat house in north Dublin.

 The Archbishop of Canterbury

Seven bishops boycotted the gathering in protest against the presence of Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori, who approves the ordination of homosexual bishops and the blessing of gay unions.

Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori with Archbishop Rowan Williams

Is it just me or are they all just afraid of change?!? Religion or no they have no right to judge a lifestyle they have no understanding of. Unfortunately their misunderstanding isn’t as innocent as the iconic Mrs. Brown’s when she says ‘I’m happy too son’.

Mr Kato was brutally murdered for standing up for the rights of the marginalised in Uganda. He was punished for doing the right thing and even after his tragic death he was not left alone. He was disrespected at his own funeral by someone who didn’t even understand what this man had died for.

Along the way the golden rule has been tarnished and not just by common people but by the very people who preach it’s message. However if only one person within the Church such as the Archbishop spreaks out against this injustice and continue to try and drag religion kicking and screaming into the twenty first century than I think the shine can be brought back.


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