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Irish legal system is a let down

I was disguted when I saw this story on the internet. A 65-year-old man was given only four years in prison and a fine of €5,000 for being in possession of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of images of child pornography! This punishment is not harsh enough in my opinion.

Ralph Farina was convicted after a trial last month at the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court. More than 700,000 files containing images or information on child pornography were found on external discs when Gardai searched his home in 2007. Ten thousand images were also found on his computer.He had been downloading child pornography for ten years.

When his apartment was searched he handed a box to gardaí containing discs as his attitude was that there was no point in denying it. Even this act, while immensely helpful to the Gardai and their investigation, showed that he had little remorse for his vile actions.

He should be given life in prison with no chance of parole not this short sentence and pittance of a fine. The punishment he was handed does not in my eyes match his crime at all. No child is safe with monsters like this in the world. These children obviously have no one protect them and are being completly taken advantage of.

Detective Garda Gerard Keane said that some of the files had descriptive names and showed graphic images of sexual activity with young children. Over one hundred of the images involved babies or toddlers.

He was separated from his wife four years ago and now has a partner in Thailand with whom he has a child. How this monster was allowed to have a child I will never understand. I hope for the child’s own sake it has nothing to do with this man.


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